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Your emotions affect the space around you.

November 24, 2016


Your emotions whether they are positive or negative affect the time and space around us all. Emotion is your energy in motion and like air it is invisible but you can experience and feel it as can the people, animals and plants around us. The Emotions that we feel drive the actions we take and the words we speak in each and every moment. Emotions drive you to succeed or fail and therefore the difference between understanding and not understanding how to use your emotional power is essential to living a life of wonder or a life of pain.


Think of your emotions as cookie dough and your thoughts as the hands that shape that dough; the thoughts that you think give shape to the experiences that you've had and will experience for the rest of your life. In every moment your emotions are always driving your actions...your thoughts are the directors of the feelings and have the ability to direct them. If you haven't learned to direct your emotions they will be directed for you by the world around you and by what you may have stored in the back of your mind or as I like to call it your subconscious mind. The best investment you can ever make in your life is to invest in learning to run your own mind and emotions. I invite you to move forward on the journey of becoming a master of your emotions, your thoughts and your life!

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